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a Dean Winchester community

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous To Know
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This is a community for the character Dean Winchester of the CW series, Supernatural

Welcome to spn_deanw, a Dean Winchester community. We are a community for the character of Dean Winchester on Supernatural. All news related to the show, including episode stills, spoilers, fanvids, fanart (digital, traditional, unusual), fanfiction and the like are accepted.


» Please use the correct tags for your post. If it's not tagged correctly, we will delete your post.
» All fanfiction must follow the ratings system. Win-cest, Slash and etc are allowed, but please use the correct rating and label. Any fanfiction post not following the rules of ratings, labels or tags will be deleted. You may use the following to copy and paste when posting fanfiction:

» Have fun! No drama-lamas here. Be nice!

» Please put all spoilers under a cut. Everything is considered a spoiler until a week after the episode has aired.
» If you would like to promote another community, please contact one of the mods before posting for permission.
» We are a moderated community. That means we do not accept 'brand new'/sock accounts. These sometimes lead to spamming/trolling and/or bot entries. If you think you were unfairly rejected, feel free to PM a mod.
» Please pay attention to what your art/fic/vid deals with in terms of subject matter and warnings. Some things may be extremely offensive to some people. While we like to be fair, we will remove any art, fanfiction or video that we feel is offensive on the extreme and deals with subject matter that is not kosher. Examples are underage dub-con and/or non-con, abuse of children (not non-triggery references), abuse and/or blatant defamation of those with intellectual or developmental disabilities. This is a short list and will be cared for on post-by-post basis.

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